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Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting Tips

Sports betting is a past time enjoyed by millions worldwide. Some do it for enjoyment to make watching a match more exciting, while some take it seriously trying to earn serious money.

We’ll assume you are serious with sports betting and would like to make a tidy profit, and that’s probably why you found this page.

Before you get started, read our guide to successful gambling, it will provide the basics to help you succeed in any form of gambling.

Once you understand the basic, below you will find some useful tips to get you started on your sports betting journey, follow our tips and with focus and determination you can make a profit and find enjoyment too!

Tip #1 - Take advantage of bonuses

Take advantage of bonusesSports betting is a highly competitive industry, there are many sports betting agencies worldwide competing against each other to get your business. To entice you, these operators regularly offer to sign up bonuses.

These bonuses are monetary incentives usually matching your initial deposit to a certain percentage. The most common restriction associated with these bonuses is that you must play a certain amount to receive a certain bonus amount up to a percentage of your initial deposit. However, if you are focused and serious about winning, this restriction should not hinder you in achieving your goal especially if you follow our tips below.

So, let say you planned an initial bankroll of $500, you can take advantage of the 100% sign up bonus to DOUBLE that amount. 100% deposit bonus is a common offer.

You can check our comprehensive listing of bonuses for sports betting below.

Bonus Offer
Max Bonus
Bonus (per $100 deposit)
100% cash bonus for every deposit over $300, see "BONUSES" page on site entry
50% cash bonus on initial deposit
50% cash bonus on initial deposit
50% cash bonus on initial deposit
100% cash bonus on initial deposit
50% cash bonus on initial deposit
100% cash bonus on initial deposit
100% cash bonus on initial deposit
Bet £10 Get £30 in free bets (once off)
free bets must have min odds of 1/2
More coming soon!

Tip #2 - Information is key

Information is keyInformation is key when trying to find an edge on a match. The average bettors generally make their picks based on the highlights they saw in the sports segment of a tv show and what they remember from the previous round.

To be successful you need to go beyond this, there are key pieces of information such as players injuries or suspensions, which crew is refereeing, the weather, the schedule…etc. These are all readily available on the internet and may have an impact on the match.

Make it a habit to search for key information before you make a decision, you never know, you might come across one item of information that consistently results in you picks being right.

Tip #3 - Embrace Statistical Analysis

Embrace statistical analysisTrends do exist and they can act as valuable indicators of what position you should take on certain markets. However, a lot of the trends are already common knowledge to bookmakers and they would have factored them into the prices already.

To utilize statistics in your favour, you need to be creative, try to specialize in a particular market and look at the data from different angles. To get started, historical sports data can easily be found and downloaded from the internet and general stats are readily available on all major sports websites.

Once you have the data, there is a countless combination of ways you can sort, filter, calculate, combine this data. With hard work, you may find unique scenarios that may show bias.

An example, lets’ say you analysed team “A” results for the past 3 seasons, you find team “A” seems to turn up defensively regularly in the game following 2 straight losses, and in those games, the total ended “Under” 65% percent of the time.

65% is a wonderful indicator, and it creates a strong case to make the play for “Under”, and you should lean that way. However, NEVER let statistics be the sole decision maker. If for example, a couple of key defensive players were out for that upcoming match, the case for playing the “Under” would have weakened.

In summary, statistical analysis is a powerful research tool, but don’t use it isolation when making a decision on a play.

Tip #4 - Focus on winning money, not games

Focus on value not winsMost sports bettors when they first start out, aim to win greater than 50%. This is because most bettors associate winning more often than not as a guaranteed path to profit.

However, in the sports betting world, this is not always the case. Take favourites, for example, favourites usually win, but the return for their win is generally not worth the risk.

For example, if you risk $220 to win $100 and win 2/3, you won 66% of the time, but still made a LOST!

What successful gamblers do is focus on value and not winning. Value is determined by whether you think the odds are better than the probability of the outcome.

For example, in the flip of a coin, the chance of a head is exactly 50%. If I offer you 1.50 for heads, that would be terrible value as you will receive only 50 cents for every $1 on the result that heads, in the long run, you would lose money. But if I offer you 2.50 for heads, that would be a great value because, in the long run, you will make a profit.

So have the mindset of looking for value first and not winners, in the long run, this will make you profitable.

Tip #5 - Love the underdog

Love the underdogThe longer we have been betting, the more we have come to fall in love with the team that nobody likes. In fact, we feel better about a potential bet the uglier it looks on paper. Sounds counter-intuitive we know, but the less the general public likes a team, the more we like the look of them in terms of value. Especially a team that might have performed well over a long period but may have had a bad run of maybe 4 or 5 games. Just watch the general public jump off them, and watch their value rise.

Tip #6 - Shop for the best lines

Find the best linesI’m 100% sure that your aim in sports gambling is to MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE.

To do this you will need to shop around for the best prices. Different agencies will have different lines and prices, this is because each is adjusting them to the demands from their customer’s base.

So how much of difference does this make?

Let's say you are making $100 bets, and let's say agency “A” is offering 1.90 and agency “B” is offering 1.95 for a particular market. Now, of course, you will take Agency “B”, you stand to make an extra $5. You do that 10 times and you will end up with $50 extra just by shopping around.

But wait there is more!

As part of money management, most sports bettor will have their play amount set as a percentage of their bankroll. With each additional winning amount added to your bankroll, your play amount and winning will be AMPLIFIED due to compounding effect

So remember to open multiple sports betting accounts. When it’s time to make a play, simply choose the agency that offers more and watch your profits grow faster!

Tip #7 - Keep a record

Keep a recordWhen you have played for a while, looking back at your results will help you identify some strengths and weaknesses in your plays.

You may identify certain games that you are regularly winning and therefore you can increase your focus of play on those.

You may identify certain games that you consistently lost, this should trigger a review of your research techniques.

You may also see certain behaviours. You may notice yourself chasing losses because your average bets on loses are substantially higher than those that win.

To keep a good record, make your entries as detailed as possible. Include the game type, odds, stake, time, result, which bookmaker. A good record can also as a ledger to help you track your winnings.

Tip #8 - Timing a bet

Time your bets correctlyEver rush to place a bet? when you are in a rush to do something there is a good chance that you will cut corners.

For example, you may have skipped reading the game preview for an upcoming match because it was about to start and all you had done as research was to glance at the competing teams’ previous results. Well, unfortunately for you it was stated in the preview that the star player of the team you chose is out of this match due to illness!

At the other end of the scale, never place a bet too early! For example, for an upcoming match on Friday, you done thorough research and made your pick, you are very happy with it and it is currently Wednesday, you decide to lock it in. Come Friday morning, the star player for the team that you chose had to withdraw due to illness!

What the above two examples highlight is that the more information you have, the more informed choice you will make. However, all information does not come at once. You should, therefore, have a plan set out to allow for the necessary time required to make an informed decision.

Let's make an NFL football betting plan, we all know that all NFL games are played between Friday and Monday:

  • Weds – Do statistical analysis for each match
  • Thurs – Read each game preview
  • Thurs – Check the weather forecast for the weekend
  • Pre-game (1hr) – Check for any player withdrawals
  • Pre-game (30mins) – Watch line movements
  • Pre-Game (20mins) – Make bet

Note: this is just an example, your timing may be different and your steps may be more thorough, but the main point is that planning ahead will allow more time to digest all the information that is available.

Tip #9 - Never make a bet just to make a game more exciting

Don't make and emotional betThe average bettor loves to make a play on a game that they are going to watch on TV. It makes the game more exciting for them. To be a successful sports bettor you must avoid doing the same.

If you find yourself tempted to put a wager on a match after glancing at the TV guide or as you switched on the TV. Remind yourself that this is an EMOTIONAL bet and emotional bets are the worst type of bets, at best, you have the same chance of winning as flipping a coin.

Another thing to consider, nationally and internationally televised matches always draw the largest markets and with that, the sportsbooks will have the sharpest lines on those games. So, your chance of finding an edge is already minimal to start with.

However, if you have done thorough research for the game and can spot an edge, then, by all means, make the play. Just remember, only make informed bets and never emotional ones.

Tip #10 - Avoid parlays and most hedging

Avoid parlaysDo not parlay uncorrelated events. You are simply adding to your volatility without increasing your expected value. Instead of spending $200 on a two-team parlay, bet each team separately for $100. There is no additional juice paid and a split almost allows you to break even. Similarly, avoid most hedging – why bet a parlay and then bet the other side? Paying juice twice doesn’t make sense.

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